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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Goodbye, March.

White Dress: c/o Lulu*s.
Floral Blouse: Thrifted.
Straw Wedges: Lulu*s.
Floral Crown: Handmade.

Hello everyone and Happy Easter!

Easter is a beautiful holiday. I have so many fond memories as a little girl of going on egg hunts with my cousins at my grandmother's house, receiving a heaping basket of sweets, and the beautiful flowers the church decorated with for mass. I still quite love Easter, but especially a bit more this year. It has more meaning, you know? I can appreciate the day more now that I actually understand how significant the events 2,000 years ago were. Pretty wonderful if you ask me!

Anywho, this is what I wore today for the festivities. A cherished Lulu*s dress, a newly made floral crown, and the wedges I wore for my graduation. That's already coming up on having been a year...can't believe that! I visited both sides of my family today and had a wonderful, relaxing time; now I'm back in Kent. 

It feels good to be back. I always miss it when I'm away. It feels more like my home than my actual one does. I only have 5-6 weeks left and then I'm outta here! I really have to buckle down on my studies these next weeks so I can end up with good grades. Stop procrastinating, Lauren!

Hope you all had a lovely holiday, today

With much love, Lauren.


Sophie said...

Lovely post as always Lauren. I love the way you've subtly incorporated the floral elements in both the blouse & your gorgeous handmade crown into this outfit.

Good luck with your next few weeks of class!

S xo

Nerd Burger said...

You look like a Disney princess. That dress is amazing and so festive. I'm glad you had a great Easter. You look so happy. :)

Spoonful of Vintage said...

That dress is so floaty and dreamy! and you looks floaty and dreamy! The most spring time looking Easter inspired outfit post I've seen this year! xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

Unknown said...

pwetty! like a princess

Lauren said...

This is such a beautiful dress and looks amazing on you! (I particularly love how you've worn it with the floral blouse - it makes it so unique and interesting)

I discovered your blog a few days ago and I've just been captivated by how honestly and well you express yourself in writing... I really wish I was able to do that! You've definitely inspired me though to try and be a bit less shy about writing about my own life on my blog. If you have some time maybe you would like to have a quick look?

I hope you're having a great day!
Lauren xxx

Unknown said...

I love how you layered the floral shirt under the dress! It doesn't look heavy, but rather so effortless! I hope you had a wonderful easter!

James 4:8
Giveaway: {vintage-verses.blogspot.com/2013/03/1st-ever-giveaway.html}

Kezzie said...

Pretty Lauren!!! I wasn't so sure if the top worked with the dress from a distance when I first looked but after seeing the closeups, that's a really clever teaming of items!
Happy Easter to you Dear girl!x

Laura said...

You look like a beautiful lil' flower child. :) Love this!

Sammi said...

AHH I gasped when I saw this outfit post! The floral crown you made is gorgeous, and you look so angelic in that dress! Just stunning. :)

xox Sammi

Nina Cat said...

The new fringe looks great! :) Love your white dress and flower crown, it's a nice outfit for easter festivity!

Lemon Kitty (I just really like cats okay)

Vicki said...

Happy Easter, Lauren!
I love your outfit--that dress is perfection!

Decked Out in Ruffles

Mamalina said...

You are gorgeous!!! I absolutely adore the dress! You look like a living doll!



Tonya said...

Such a stunning look!!

Unknown said...

Love your dress, flower crown, and your new bangs, gorgeous :)

Lily Fang said...

Ahh, your hair! Your new bangs fit you so well! So in love with that floral crown and your pretty dress--what a perfect dreamy look for spring (:

claire said...

I love this outfit, it looks straight out of a fairytale! Good luck with your last several weeks of school! I definitely need to stop procrastinating as well! x

Bridgette Nicole said...

You look gorgeous girl!! I LOVE that dress! I want it now! :)

Unknown said...

So pretty! I love the floral top with the white dress--It's like a princess dress :)


Camille said...

Your floral crown is so pretty! I feel like you can pull off just about anything Lauren. I'm thinking of getting a cute floral headband.



Unknown said...

I like how you put the blouse under that strapless dress, that's a great idea for when I don't want to be bare shouldered or struggle with a strapless bra. Also, took me a while to figure out why you looked different...nice bangs :)

Anonymous said...
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