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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Coat.

Purple Coat: JcPenny's.
Paisley Dress: Thrifted.
Purple Satin Heels: Target.
Teal Shirt (underneath): Forever21.

Hello there everyone!
I busted out one of my favorite winter pieces today to keep warm in: my deep purple bow coat! My grandmother bought it for me a few years ago super on sale, and it's always reminded me of something Jackie O might have worn. Not only is it in my favorite color, but it's also super warm: something my wardrobe choices usually don't consist of, heh!

I haven't much to say tonight and still have a ton of studying to do for a huge anatomy quiz...ergh. That class will be the death of me! See you all tomorrow ❤
With much love, Lauren.

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Elanor said...

I ADORE your coat! the color is so perfect and i love the collar on it. :)

goodluck with your anatomy quiz!

Anjali said...

Great purple coat! Love how you've got purple shoes to match.

Liz said...

1.) That coat is fantastic, it really is.

2.) I really love these photos, the light in your hair is beautiful!

3.) You should do a photo of your wardrobe someday :P

Cindi said...

Both your coat and your dress are super cute, and purple and turquoise suit each other very well :) I really like that you didn't pair it with black tights - I think most ladies would have done so, but your way compliments the rest much better!



Rachel Marie said...

I love this color scheme! It looks so pretty against your complexion :)


Wild Flower said...

Oh that coat is darling! Love the little bow detail on the back, and you're totally right, it's very sixties looking! Plus it's in purple, my favorite color! Love :)


Zane said...

beautiful coat and dress, love the shoes too

Laura said...

That coat is adorable, I love the colour!


claire said...

never mind the coat....i WANT that dress!!!! :)

Unknown said...

Good luck with your test! I always hated tests! Blehh. :)

I LOVE this coat. The color is absolutely perfect and the style is to die for. I really like that dress too, the print is unique and so pretty!

Midwest Muse said...

This is the most magical coat, I've ever seen! Oh golly, Lauren! The color is perfect on you.

Hannah said...

Ah. Jackie O. is a beauty. And I feel that's something she would wear too. So adorable!
I love this outfit.
A Little Burd Told Me..

Unknown said...

Aw that coat is so cute and such a great color. I really love how it looks with the pattern on your dress.

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