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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Spirit.

Green silk Top, Holly Earrings: Thrifted.
Red Chiffon Skirt (actually a dress): Forever21.
Sparkly Stilettos: Deb's (I'm embarrassed).
Key Necklace: Gift from Matt.

Hello everyone!
Today was my last day of school, thank goodness... It feels so relieving to finally be on break! As for senior skip day, I'll admit there were more seniors there than just me and the two Chinese foreign exchange students, however, there were enough missing for the principle to notice. Sigh. He said he has to have a 'talk' with all of us seniors after break to discuss what our punishment will be on the last day of school. I DIDN'T EVEN PARTICIPATE. WHY ARE YOU PUNISHING ME. Eugh...

Anyways,I sported a rather festive outfit in honor of my last day of school! I love to wear an embarrassingly red and green outfit every year before I go on break, and the years past are no exception! Here is 2010's outfit, and here is 2009's outfit. I am seriously so jealous of the snow that we had this time last year!

Hope you all are doing lovely...
With much love, Lauren.


kate gabrielle said...

I love your outfit!! I practically wear red + green for like the entire month of December lol :)

And I hate when principals/teachers punish everyone for something as a group. My 5th grade teacher took away our Christmas party after someone pulled the fire alarm at an assembly.. it turned out afterwards it was someone from another class :p I'll never forget that!

Maria said...

Oh, you look beautiful! Your annual 'red and green' attire is so delightful! We need more people like Lauren in this world...
I also hate it when teacher punish a whole group. I know exactly what you mean. In my grade, the mischief is always the fault of a small group of boys...but the punishment is always divided amongst the grade!

Merry Christmas ♥

Mila said...

This whole post is so adorable! I love how festive yet stylish your outfit is. I went back to the last 2 year's posts from you, you looked so much younger, and your pictures were so different! It was cute :) We got out today too--break is way to short this year, but I'm thankful to finally be out. Enjoy the start of your break! :)

Unknown said...

I'm totally into blatantly holiday-themed looks, so this is awesome to me! You don't get any other chances during the year to go this red and green so why not? I love how vibrant and fun this look is. Your earrings are cute and festive too.

Amber Schmidt said...

You look so festive!!
I hate it when teachers punish everyone for what some kids do. When I was in 6th grade, we were watching Flubber and were going to make some, but one kid made some weird or inappropriate (I didn't hear) joke and no one got to make it. :(

Sampada said...

so very cute, and awwww that's not fair for the principal to punish all of you!

and yes...the weather's crazy. not that new jersey got any snow on christmas in the past few years but still...60 degrees? unacceptable!



April said...

Surely the principle won't punish all of you. That's a bit crazy.
Cute skirt! Love how flowy it is.

Em [The Writer] said...

Aw so cute! I'm so sorry you are getting punished though! So not fair! Anyway, hope you have a great break!

Zane said...

beautiful holiday colors and wonderful earrings

Angelica said...

WOW! You combined the green and red perfectly! It suits you really really great! Love it!

Cindi said...

What a cute idea, I'm totally going to copy this next year :)



Simona said...

Perfect Christmas outfit darling! Suits you :)

Maria- CityLaundry said...

gosh that is so annoying! sorry you got in trouble :/

i love the red skirt ! its so pretty and flow-y!
great christmas outfit for sure!!


Kezzie said...

I love it! You are indeed a lovely piece of Christmas holly!!!!!

Hannah said...

Lauren, that outfit is so lovely. You seriously look like Christmas! That's weird your principal is punishing you guys? That's really odd to me. haha.
Have a Happy Holiday
A Little Burd Told Me..

Wild Flower said...

You wore those shoes to school? That's fantastic! haha, I wish I had guts for things like that. Love the festive colors :)
I wore orange and black to school this year for halloween... I was the only one!


Unknown said...

So festive and fun! I love your outfits from the years before also... cute !

Midwest Muse said...

I love it! You look wonderful in red and green. I also love the picture from 2009. You were just a baby!

Marisa Noelle said...

This is such a pretty and quite perfect Christmas outfit!! Very classy but also fun too and I love the lines of it...you really know how to pick pieces that look amazing on you.

Argh, that's annoying about the punishment for everyone...nothing good ever comes from that kind of discipline tactic.

Enjoy your break darling lady and Merry Christmas!!

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