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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Denim Overall Dress.

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Denim Overall Dress (similar here here and here) | Thrifted DIY
Black T-Shirt with Rainbows (similar) | Thrifted
Tan Loafers (identical for $35!) | Thrifted
Brown Crossbody Purse (similar) | Thrifted
Black Hat | c/o OASAP (old)

Hi everyone! ♥

Happy Sunday to you all. It has been miserably hot here in NYC. I went exploring around Williamsburg yesterday and after about 3 hours in the 100+ heat I felt so sick. I spent the rest of the evening at home relaxing in the AC with my plants and watching Freaks and Geeks. How could only one season be made of this amazing show?! I'm absolutely obsessed with it. I relate to Lindsey so much on so many levels. And vintage James Franco...swoon.

My paycheck really goes towards three main things lately: rent, coffee, and plants. I've become obsessed with decorating my room with them. I want every species in every size. I never had a penchant for plants before in Ohio, but I think it was because I was constantly surrounded by nature and didn't feel the need. Since the city is lacking in greenery, it is so calming to be surrounded by it in your own little personal space. I picked up a little Mickey Mouse cactus this weekend and I might love it more than my cat lol.

These photos were taken on a sweltering day last week in a nearby neighborhood. I keep passing by this awesome carriage house and had to take photos in front of it and around the brownstones. Obsessed with this outfit, too! It's the eptitome of what most Brooklyn babes are wearing this summer. I keep seeing adorable denim overall dresses all over and had to get one for myself. I picked a long, dowdy one up at the thrift store and chopped it to a cuter mini length. Raw edge denim is super popular right now, so I didn't bother with a hem. I love it so much! Paired it with my sweet little rainbow t-shirt I thrifted back in Ohio. It's originally from Old Navy. I feel like it was something I definitely owned growing up as a kid.

Love you all so much! Have a lovely Sunday. x

With much love,




The Sixth Lisbon said...

Love this outfit! I live in upstate NY and it's been insanely hot and humid and I've been reaching for shirt dresses just to stay cool.

Natasha Love said...

How do you get your lips to look so velvety and soft, while so vibrant and red?? I love them :3 and btw I think you're so strong for stepping into the NYC life on your own. Its my dream to do that eventually, so it's cool to know I can learn from you in the meantime. :) xoxo

Unknown said...

This little overall dress is fantastic! I love it with the rainbow hemmed t-shirt. Such a comfy-looking summer outfit - especially in the awful heat!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Kay said...

This is a perfect dress. I would hire you in a second if I could afford to!

How are you feeling? Please let us know...?

Lauren Loves Laughter said...

Such a sweet dress! I love overalls so much - they've got that quirky vibe and just make me think back to when I was little!
Absolutely love your hair and makeup here btw - I'm tempted to chop my hair short again!

Lauren xx

Unknown said...

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