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Monday, August 15, 2016

Mixing Prints for Work.

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NYC fashion blogger outfit

Small Plaid Blouse (similar) | Thrifted
Pinstripe Flounce Skirt (similar quirky styles here here and here) | Thrifted
Black Sandals | c/o Boohoo (old).
Neck Scarf  (similar + love this one!)| Thrifted

Hi guys!

The dress code at my workplace is pretty go with the flow, but sometimes I like to wear more classically corporate looks. I  was thrifting at the Goodwill in Fort Greene a few weekends ago and happened upon this pinstripe skirt. Pinstripes to me are the ultimate workplace print. I love how retailers spice up the corporate staple in an array of fun, quirky shapes each season. This skirt was originally from J.Crew, and I love the little flounce at the bottom that makes it so fun and flirty. I wanted to keep that vibe going and steer this look from coming off too serious. So, I did some print mixing. Cats out of the bag, but I am not a master mixer. Some bloggers seem to effortlessly combine florals with stripes; polka dots with plaid. I'm over here usually looking less chic and more like I-closed-my-eyes-and-picked-this-outfit-out. Thought I might as well give it a go despite my track record. Luckily in NYC I'll never be the craziest dressed person on the subway.

The small, subtle checks on my shirt balance out the big and bold stripes on my skirt. It's important the pieces exist in harmony instead of competing. This entire spring and summer I've also been tying little scarves around my neck, even on the hottest of days. Nothing like polyester to choke the last bits of breathable air outta ya. x

With much love,



Anonymous said...

You are always, always a fashionista, my friend! (& pls be careful on the subway!!!)

Love ya!

Lauren Loves Laughter said...

Love the outfit Lauren! I like how it's a much more playful take on standard work wear! I'm not really into the really "corporate look" so even when u do need to dress a little more professional (which is rare for me!) it usually involves a shirt but with a cute pattern on it to make it more fun!
I haven't read your blog in a while (no idea why!) so I'm going to have a much needed catch up now! I'm loving hearing your New York adventures!

Lauren xx

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