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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Black Silk Slip Dress.

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Outfit Details:

Black Silk Slip Dress (very similar for $35!) | Thrifted
Choker (identical for $4) | DIY
Sandals (similar) | c/o Boohoo (old)

Hi everyone!
It has been so hot here in NYC. We get hit with heat wave after heat wave...a lot of smart ladies have tuned to the slip dress trend to beat the heat. I scoured the fast-fashion stores and every place was asking $30, $40, or $50+ for a little piece of fabric. I knew I could find something similar at the thrift store at a fraction of the price.

I forgot to mention I went home to Ohio very briefly a few weekends ago before my birthday, and the first thing I wanted to do when I got off that plane was go thrifting. Okay, maybe I wanted to hug my family first, but going thrifting was a close second. Thrifting is all I've known for the past 8 years that I've developed my personal style. I rarely purchase clothing new in stores, so it is difficult to find clothing here in NYC. I've tried thrifting, but it's easier said then done. The prices are way jacked up, and instead of vintage there's a lot of mainstream brands. I have been getting better at finding things here (you really gotta look), but I'll just never have the luck I do in Ohio.

Snatched this slip dress up real quick in the thrift store in Ohio. It's been exactly what I've looked for! It's definitely a Victoria's Secret nightgown, but w/e. I'm too hot most days to care, and New Yorkers teach me that anything goes style wise here. I think I maybe paid $1.50 for it which makes my heart sing. My family definitely looked at me with quizzical faces chock full of judgment, but ya gotta go with what you know (and what you won't sweat through in 2 minutes tops).

Wanted to style this simple black slip dress well...simply. Minimal, no-fuss accessories. The choker is when I was into DIYing back in Kent this spring. I simply bought some suede cord at Hobby Lobby along with some beads and bada bing bada boom I had a choker. Another fashion piece you can create so easily at home without paying retailer's ridiculous mark up prices. $15 for a piece of string? Come on Urban...

Anyways, hope ya'll like this outfit! It's a bit out of my comfort zone, but the city has really been influencing my style lately. I've also fallen in love with Lua of Le Happy's style. She's a fellow NYC gal and always looks so effortlessly cool. I can dream!

With much love,




Ada Ciuca said...

Lauren, your style evolution has been lovely to watch as you've settled into NYC. I always get super excited whenever you post something new - been a fan since I saw you in Seventeen way back in the day. I love the dress/nightgown. You look so comfortable and confident in this outfit!


Anonymous said...

You should try a pixie cut ;)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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