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Monday, December 8, 2014


Plaid Blanket Scarf: College Store Manhatten.
Green Blouse: Forever21.
Red Skirt, Black Hat: c/o OASAP.
Leather Jacket: H&M.
Black Boots: Random store in Florence.
Lipstick in MAC's Russian Red.

Hi there!

For my last trip of the semester I visited Rome yesterday! Truthfully I was kind of putting it off because I knew it was going to be a stressful, crazy day to navigate Rome by myself and try to see everything in one day. I was kinda right-- it was crazy and Rome ate me alive! But, I'm proud of myself. Not just for getting to, around, and from Rome all day, but in general my independence this enture semester.

I was really upset at the beginning of it because I felt limited to only going on trips where my friends were going. I felt like I couldn't go to the places I wanted to just by myself; because it was 1) lame and 2) there was no way I could navigate around Europe by myself.

It is incredible the things you can do that you would never think were possible. I've done this second half of the semester's trips by myself and they were my favorite trips yet. I've gotten around Paris, London, and Rome; the biggest cities in the world, all by myself, using the metro. I've flown by myself for the first time to Ireland. I've learned how to get really good at reading maps, get where I want to go, and problem solve myself out of tricky situations. And most importantly-- I've just explored and found out so much about myself that I don't think I would have ever got to if I'd limited myself to being in a group this entire time. I read this spot on article on facebook today why sometimes it's best to travel by yourself and this person says it perfectly in all the ways I could ever try. 

My favorite thing I've taken away from this experience is the acceptance in myself that it's okay to be alone and independent. I came in having a hard time not fitting in and depending on others...which just resulted in me not having the experiences I wanted to have. Throughout the semester though, I've realized my capabilities of who I am and what I can do. I thought I had a good sense of self before studying abroad. Turns out, that was just the surface of who I am, and in Italy so many new things about myself have been revealed. I know it doesn't stop after this journey either; life is a constant discovery of parts of ourselves. Thank you Italy for being the first part (of hopefully many!) journeys in showing me that! x

With much love, Lauren.


Kezzie said...

Oooh, you look preeeetttty! So glad you got better at navigating! x

Ada Ciuca said...

So not only did you look absolutely gorgeous in Rome, but you navigated it all by yourself via metro? That's so great! I'm glad you're doing such amazing things. You're one of my favorite bloggers and it's been lovely to watch you grow during your European adventures!


Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you got around Europe by yourself, that's a huge accomplishment, but London, Paris, and Rome aren't the biggest cities in the world. By population or physical size they don't even make the top 10...

Kimi, twenty-something simple said...

How amazing that you navigated all those big cities by yourself! You go, girl. That's incredible. I'm so glad that you took away so much from your trip even though it was difficult at times. :)

xo Kimi

Unknown said...

Lauren, u r my little hero for navigating Europe solo!!! ... When I traveled alot on the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. during the tail end of the last century, people thought I was so 'brave', to do so while disabled! Yet I learned what I bet you did in Europe: you can set your own pace ... see, stop & experience, when you have decided - not anyone else in a tour group. I honestly think a person is more open to miracle experiences when they do so - which your travels also bear that out :) You just don't feel rushed when u set ur own pace!

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