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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Golden Rose.

Faux Leather Jacket, Checked Dress: H&M.
White Blouse (underneath): Forever21.
Beret: AA.
Black Boots: Random shop here in Florence. 
Lip Color: lip liner in Kiko's #712.

Hi there guys!

I'm nearly done with my time here; just four more days! Can hardly contain my excitement till I see my family...I've been trying to live it up here in Florence while I'm here though. Seeing the sunsets over the Arno, eating gelato every day (cinnamon, mmm!), loading up on cappuccinos...Some things I'll really miss. I know I moaned and groaned about the coffee here all semester, but I've actually grown to really, really love it. I'm pretty sure Starbucks or anything of the sort won't be able to compare ever now. I'll have to try and cappuccino there when I get back and let you know! 

I was in Kiko the other day (an amazing Italian makeup store, kind of like NYX) and was swatching some lip liners on my hand. I've never really understood lip liners, but as I've gotten into a wider range of colors in my lipstick collection over the years & have been pulling out my darker shades for winter.... I realize they are kind of necessary. I went in looking to match one for my MAC's "Rebel" but found this shade I'm wearing on my lips instead actually! I wasn't into Kylie Jenner's overdrawn, pouty lips in the beginning, but now I kind of dig them...this lip pencil reminded me so much of the color she wears, so I picked it up for only 2.50 euro which is super cheap! Even though it's a liner, I love how you can also wear it as a matte sort of lipstick and it stays on so long. My roommate and friend Haley liked it so much that she went and bought one for herself today, too! I really recommend trying it if you have a Kiko by you. x

With much love, Lauren.


Ruby Sterland said...

Ahh, you'll have a lovely time back at home Lauren! Love this outfit, such a pretty location x


The Eyre Effect said...

I'm so glad you've grown to like things about Italy! It's always so nice to get back home, though, especially after a long time away.
Your lip color is so pretty! I've never been into lip liners, either, except red. I rarely wear anything on my lips, actually, but now I might have to hunt for a similar color to yours. And I love your outfit!

Hannah Barta said...

Your time in Italy sounds so amazing ... I can't even imagine getting to watch the sun set over the Arno every night :) But I bet you're happy you're coming home! I hope you have a safe trip and all.

dance a real

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous OOTD - Lauren, you're going to be SLEEPING AT HOME IN OHIO :) When you wake up, you'll have to change your bio ... because you are no longer The Bashful Girl. I would say ... hmmm ... adventurous! a faith-filled overcomer! confident! pro-active! heartfelt! transformed! sunny-optimistic!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren!
I love your outfit, so beautiful! :)
And I'm definitely going to buy this lip liner on tomorrow, it looks perfect!! ♥

Samantha said...

I love the feeling of going home after a trip! Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed. Beautiful black and white ensemble too, that dress is a gem!

Ellie Balangue said...

oh my I love the underneath thing you did there such a cute outfit!

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