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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ireland Snapshots.

Hello there!

Here are my snapshots from IRELAND. Gorgeous, gorgeous Ireland. I absolutely loved it, and if I had to choose one place to be my favorite all semester...this would probably be it. Everything about it is charming-- whether you're in the cobblestone streets of the city or the fairy tale country side. I stayed in Dublin for a day, visited the Cliffs of Moher, and then went to the little town of Galway for Christmas markets. Each amazing in their own, unique way. I found the people to be so friendly, the rainy weather right up my alley, and the food to be hearty and home-y.

It wasn't long enough to just spend two and a half days there, and my #1 destination to go again someday again is Ireland. There's just so much I didn't feel like I got to see, especially the countryside. I love you, Ireland, hope to see you again soon! x

With much love, Lauren.


Karen said...

Number one thing I love about this post is the "little town of Galway". Galway is a city :P It's tiny but it's bigger than an actual Irish town! Also so weird seeing Dublin and Trinity from an outside perspective since I'm there all day every day.

Anonymous said...

I must say from all the towns and cities you have visited Ireland has to be my favorite. Its is beautiful. Maybe its because I love the rain, but the pictures you took made it so inviting. Im glad your back to your blogging. I did miss your travel pictures. There is a picture of you with your arms up in a burgundy dress, I love this outfit. Where did you get this dress? It reminds me of a dress my sister had when we were in highschool which was in the mid 90's.

Rebecca said...

Oh, I LOVE these photos! Ireland looks absolutely amazing and very fairytale-esque. :) I also love your outfit, it's extremely charming!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so so lovely! They make me long to go to Ireland.

Hannah Barta said...

Wow! It is so gorgeous there! Thanks for "taking" us along :) I can see why it was your favorite place.

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The Eyre Effect said...

Oh my heart. I have wanted to visit Ireland since I was a little girl, and all of your pictures are making me need to go there even more!! How beautiful! I'm so glad you had a good time there!

Unknown said...

Not only are your travel pictures amazing ... you actually selected the best OOTD for that shot on the cliff :) You look like the Cailleach a Gaelic deity who is transcendent. She is connected with rivers, lakes, wells, marshes, the sea and storms; with rocks, mountains, boulders ... it is said about her that she "She rambles the hills followed by troops of deer ...leaps from hilltop to hilltop." Another source calls her "the Cailleach of the peasantry: a being of immense antiquity who is able to renew her vitality in wells of virtue and who outlasts generations of offspring, whose age is not shameful but revered, and who joyously heaves boulders and shapes the earth"

Unknown said...

These pictures are just gorgeous! I absolutely love Ireland! I've been to Dublin and want to go back so badly. I'd love the see the cliffs too.

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