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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Going To Great Lengths.

J Crew Twist Dress: Thrifted.
Grey Suede Heels: Forever21.
Stone Necklace: Gift from Katie of Beautifully Pure.
Hair Extensions: c/o Irresistible Me.

Say hello to my one dollar, thrifted, J. Crew dress. Can hardly believe it! Katie visited me this weekend while driving through Ohio to a blogger meet up in Pittsburgh and I took her to my favorite thrifting spot. It was National Thrifting Day apparently and everything was 50% off and I snagged this dress for dirt cheap. I originally gave it to Katie to try because I avoid this type of neckline like the plague (not made for small busted girls), but when it didn't work out for her I tried it on & it was perfect! I also got a wine colored purse for fall and a pair of t-strap heels. The thrift Gods are way to kind to me

Hannah from Shedding Glitter also visited me and the girls spent the night on Sunday! Katie was (too) sweet and gifted me the necklace I'm wearing from the store she works at. It was funny because I've been searching high and low for a new statement necklace and she found the perfect one for me! I love how the gray looks against the plum.

And finally--notice anything different about my appearance?! Fear not if you didn't because even my own mother didn't notice, but I think it could be considered a good thing. My hair is quite a few inches longer than usual because I was gifted some hair extensions to try out by Irresistible Me (a sister company to Adore Me whom I've worked with before). I was nervous about these not blending into my real hair very well, but they worked out perfectly. I plan on doing a more in depth post explaining how they work but I received them today and couldn't wait to show you all. They are awesome quality, easy to put in, and I found incredibly soft!

I will talk to you all soon! Baby sitting all day tomorrow followed by working a shift-- it'll be a long one :)

With much love, Lauren.


Lauren said...


The hair + the neckline make you look suuuper tall! Waddababe. Hope you're having a good rest of the summer!

Unknown said...

That...is a ridiculously amazing thrifting find!!! I'm so jealous!!

Alexandra Marie said...

Me: (Scrolling down page) Wow, her hair has gotten so long... oh wait, I think... ah ha! Extensions- lol. It took me a minute to realize but it looks beautiful!! Alex


Bogi Vrg said...

Really beautiful dress!

Kezzie said...

The whole look is stunning! Love the dress!x

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

I avoid low necklines as well, for the same reason, but I'm glad to see that you kept the dress eventually! It looks SO good on you and this shade of purple looks amazing against your princess-like hair. Love love love this look Lauren :) xo

Sammi said...

I meant to comment on this last night, but totally spaced! This dress is beautiful on you -- what a great color and silhouette! And what a DEAL!!! You look gorgeous.

xox Sammi

Cindi said...

I am loving this color on you. To be honest, I didn't notice the hair at first, but your natural hair is very nice and healthy so that's probably why. Both me and your mother are legally excused :)



Mamalina said...

Amazing dress! I adore its shape and color! You look absolutely beautiful!




Bethy | Fashion, Beauty, & Lifestyle Blog said...

You look like you're attending a prom from the 1960's! This is beyond adorable & you are so gorgeous, love.

Style Hippie

Trinnah said...

Great buy on the dress!! :) It's absolutely gorgeous! I love the color and the length and what a perfect pair of shoes to go with it. :) Great look!

Batty said...

What an awesome thrift find! You look so beautiful in it :) Those are some good extensions, I got fooled!

Unknown said...

Ahhhhh - Katie told me about this dress! So. Cute. I absolutely love the color on you! Wish that you could have made it to Pittsburgh for sure!


Anonymous said...

This color looks incredible on you, dear!

Xo, Hannah


Anonymous said...

So I was about to go into the raptures about your dress. And then I saw. J.Crew. For $1. WHAT. Oh my goodness, that is just ridiculous. not only is the dress stunning, but that deal. I just can't handle it.

Unknown said...

Love your dress. The colour really suits you. I also like the necklace Katie gave you. I actually didn't noticed your until I saw something about extension and then I had to look back ofcourse :) but it looks great on you. Very natural.

X Audrey

Katie Burry said...

I'm soooo glad that dress worked for you! It made the fact that it didn't work for me a little more bearable. ;)

Every time I see any of your outfit photos at the nature center, for the remainder of your blog I'm going to be like "ooh! ooh! I was there!!" even if I don't really recognize it (like in this post. ;D)

Hope Kent is treating you well so far! <3


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