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Saturday, August 3, 2013

July Outfits.

(also this photo that I forgot to include in the collage).

It's now August so time to do a review for my July outfits!

I feel as though when I went for a style this month, I went all out. Full on vintage, full on sexy, or full on casual--I did it with as much oomf as I could. It's funny how my style took on so many personalities this month. Perhaps I'm going through a weird transition phase where my style is changing? I don't feel like it, but maybe something is happening with my style that I don't realize.

I wore a surprisingly lot of black (for me) in this month's outfits and want to try to make August a more colorful month. I'm really proud of the fact that there is a few really casual outfits in this round up. A year ago I wouldn't have been caught dead in something that casual, let alone take photos in it for the blog. I'd also really like to try to take photos at some different locations this month since I've been going to the same, old easy spots lately. I only have home for a few more weeks and I need to take good advantage of it!

My favorite outfit: Lavender Whip.
My least favorite outfit: Outfit Inspired By Emily of Pretty Little Liars (only because I'm not quite used to seeing myself in something so laid back yet!).

What is your favorite outfit I wore in July?

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

The outfit inspired by Emily certainly was different for you, but I though you pulled it off very well! As for favorite outfits...I really like the one in the upper right-hand corner!

Unknown said...

I love it!!:) xo

Lauren said...

My favourite was definitely your "City Heights" one - that dress has such gorgeous colours and looks beautiful on you. Also the ones where you're wearing the floral shorts and jeans :) ... but really I just love all your outfits... they always have a slight twist that makes them so interesting to look at!



Delaney Y said...

Bottom right hand corner! :)

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