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Monday, August 5, 2013

Bury Me In Love.

Striped Crop Top, Tan Shorts: Thrifted.
Camera Necklace: Forever21.
Ballet Flats: Charlotte Russe.
Beret: Target.
Lipstick in MAC's 'Lady Danger.'

I always feel so unbelievably connected to God when I am in nature. It's this peace that washes over my entire body. I get these little chills running down my spine as I can feel Him walking with me through the trees and down the twisting path. A comfort that is like any other experience and a confidence that in that moment when He is with me--everything truly will be alright. Because sometimes in life it doesn't feel like it will be alright. Being a young adult is scary with so many unknowns and so many disappointments that have been and will be thrown my way in the next few years. But with His quiet presence I always know that I have nothing to fear. He is and will always be with me ♥

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the birthday wishes, as well. You have no idea how much every single wish meant to me. I got over 100 from comments, tweets, emails, and even presents (which is crazy, I am not worth it!). It made me just overwhelmed with appreciation for all that you do for me and for this blog. I was thinking the other day how extraordinary my life has been with this blog the last three and a half years. I've gotten to do things, see things, and receive things that I would have otherwise never gotten to experience if not for this blog. I owe every single bit to you all. For reading, for supporting, and for caring. I want to make you all proud always. 

With much love, Lauren.


Lauren said...

babe babe babe babe (this is all I'm ever going to comment, haha) And I totally can't remember if I said happy birthday or not, sooo happy birthday! You turning twenty makes me a little less scared for it. :)

Camille said...

I don't know why but your outfit reminds me of something that Taylor Swift would wear.I'm glad that you enjoyed your birthday!


Unknown said...

Very french chic today, lovely!

Unknown said...

Love this outfit, you look so absolutely lovely! Those shorts are the perfect touch with that awesome crop top! Glad that you had such a wonderful birthday!


Katie Selt said...

So lovely! I like the stripes and khaki shorts. I love how laid back you are in this photo, it's truly gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Your crop top is so perfect. Love this outfit! :)

Xo, Hannah


Hannah | The Outfit Repeater said...

Your outfit rocks. I wore something similar before and it's gotten me addicted to stripes/neutral. I keep looking for new ways to wear it!

There are many perks to hanging out in nature, connecting with God would be a great one! I always feel closest God when I'm driving. There is something about being behind the wheel, you really have to put your faith in God that He's going to get you where you're going. Plus, alone time in a car is great for reflection, long prayers, or even listening to the radio!

I'm glad to hear that blogging is treating you well! It's amazing how many lives you touch with just one outlet.

Elliementary, My Dear said...

This is the cutest outfit ever. I am seriously jealous.

Adulthood is very scary and hard at times but it's good that you realize that God will take care of you because I have definitely learned over the years that all will be well if you just trust him and his plans for you :)

Pilar said...

Nice post and cute outfit! Check out my blog!

A said...

Stripey tops and crop tops are both things I seem to keep coming back to - combine them and its a real winner :)

Ruby Sterland said...

Love your crop top and your lipstick! It's a great colour x


Mamalina said...

Oh, how cute! Lovely little outfit! Hugs,



Sammi said...

Ooookay I think I forgot to leave you a birthday comment! But I can't remember now. This week has been a blur. I hope your birthday was fantastic. And you look like a total French babe in these photos! Goodness gracious. Such a beauty!

xox Sammi

Gold On Runescape said...

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