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Monday, May 23, 2011

A Mess It Grows.










Floral Romper: Forever21.
Brown Heels, Brown Purse, Cameo Necklace, Earrings: Thrifted.

Hello there everyone!
Whew, it's scorching here in Ohio: 85 degrees! I've been breaking out all my summer clothes that I've had stored up all winter... Sleeveless dresses. High waisted shorts. Floral rompers. I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe!
Tomorrow I have an academic awards ceremony for school and I'm excited to wear my thrifted 1950's lavender tea party dress. I had it dry cleaned (which was outrageously expensive...),but I'm so looking forward to wearing it :)

Hope you all are doing just lovely!
P.S. I'm a little behind of reading/commenting/replying/back so bare with me, hehe.
With much love, Lauren.


Mary said...

Lauren, I adore your hair in these photos! It looks so sweet, beachy and summery :)

Also-- make sure you pop by my blog, like... asap. & read the post I put up today! There is some news there regarding you that I think you might want to read :)

Sara said...

omg is this your natural hair? its really nice :) i love your outfit as usual!


b.outlandish said...

WOW! B E A U T I F U L .
I love your style, romper, photogrphy, etc.

As always, you're beautiful.

Ah! You think 85 degrees is hot? It's hot in Texas! it's been in the 90-100 here.. But still fine with me, we're used to it.

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

you're so pretty! i love your hair.


April said...

I love this outfit! And your hair!! So pretty!

Unknown said...

oh gosh that playsuit is so divine...you look so incredible

Rosalind said...

85 degrees??!! Goodness - of course, being British, I'm not sure I know what 85 degrees feels like! This floral romper looks perfect for such glorious sunshine. Great cameo too; I have a bit of an obsession with cameos.

Peacock's Hat said...

Your hair looks really gorgeous in these photos.

Kezzie said...

Another great look!!!!! I wish Forever 21 in the UK had all the products America has!

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Your romper is so adorable! Very cute pics!

ellie said...

I love the color of this. Great pics! Thanks for the note.

Amber Schmidt said...

Did you know that I adore you?

Em [The Writer] said...

Adore the romper!!! Can't wait to see what else you'll post! Also have fun at the ceremony :)

Amira said...

Amazing outfit! Like floral prints! You are so pretty! Like your wonderful blog! Follow you now, follow me?

gee said...

oh my goodness you look so cute in this romper.
i have fallen in love with the romper trend.. :)
you and your hair is gorgeous! <3

Andrea Reh said...

Cute! I'm not sure I'd ever be brave enough to wear a romper!

Just discovered your blog. Would love it if you popped by mine sometime.

Andrea x

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