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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Come On Let Your Colors Burst!

Blue Skirt (actually a dress): Thrifted.
Green Shirt: Thrifted.
Floral Scarf: Thrifted.
White Sandals: Forever21.

Hello, hello everyone!

So for quite sometime I've been wanting to take pictures at this abandoned and falling down old school building I always pass by. Since it was beautiful and sunny today and I was feeling quite adventurous, I decided to trespass and do a little photoshoot! Goodness, this place was a mess, and not to mention super scary! ( I keept looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was there with me because I just had one of those "feelings.") You can't tell from the pictures, but this place was nasty. There was shattered glass every where and graffiti just covering the walls. My dad said that on the inside of the building it's covered with mold and infested with rodents... So I'm glad I got my itch to take pictures at this place out of my system... It was beyond creepy and I'm not going back, haha!

Tomorrow is my last day of school, and then I get a week off for spring break: Hooray!

Hope you all are doing just lovely!
With much love, Lauren.

P.S. In on of the next few days I plan on posting pictures of my prom dress that some of you requested to see, so stay tuned, he!


Mary said...

Lauren, you look SO fabulous & springy here! Honestly, I didn't even realize that your photo location was sketchy-looking until you mentioned it because I was so mesmerized by that gorgeous scarf!
Thanks for your sweet comment on my post today-- you put such a big smile on my face! You are one of my very very favorite bloggers ever, I hope you know :)

Sara said...

i love the color combination! blue is so beautiful and you look so chic!


April said...

I like the graffiti! And your outfit is so bright! Glad you didn't get hurt! :)

Marie said...

Those colors are lovely on you, love how you used the scarf.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Unknown said...

I think it's really cool that your dad takes your blog photos for you! My dad just teases me about my blog, haha. Anyway, that building sounds pretty unpleasant, but you sure liven it up with your cheerful colors and smile!

I love the colorblocking in this look. It's really different from what you usually wear, but you totally own it and rock it!


Sofi Moukidou said...

oh! i do love colorfull outfits!
love this combination!
you just look amazing!

Quirky Classic said...

color blocking is very much in and you did it very well :D ... your scarf is so cute... I love florals! (I think always say this in any floral pics I see... but I really do love it!). You're so brave taking pics in an abandoned building :D ... I would never want to go to a place like that... gives me goosebumps :P Nice pics though :)

aki! said...

I love how you did your hair in these photos.


Sara said...

love all the colors! doesn't it suck that the coolest locations tend to be super sketchy?? i have my favorite alleys for photo shoots near where i live in chicago, and i would never venture down them at night haha

Mariamma Iris said...

You look SO beautiful! I love the colors, your hair... everything! xo

Jess said...

Such a cool outfit and shoot! Love the katy perry lyric too...I love it when people use song lyrics in their post titles!

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