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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Warm Welcome

Parisian Inspired Outfit | Someone Like You
You all sure know how to welcome a girl back -- thank you! I wasn't expecting many people to have stuck around after my hiatus, but I'm certainly glad you did. My favorite part about blogging has always been the community here and how supportive, kind, and wise every single one of you are. Wish I could give each of you a huge real-life hug, but for now a virtual one will just have to do. If you do find yourself in NYC though, you know what's waiting for you!

Parisian Inspired Outfit | Someone Like You
Parisian Inspired Outfit | Someone Like You
Over the last few days since my latest post I've slowly been making changes to out of date sections of this blog. One labyrinth of webpages even brought me to an old about section where I still had I was a teenager, ha. Mostly, I want to modernize this site to be more user & community friendly so it's easier to communicate with you all! It was a long time coming, but I finally updated my comment widget to Discus so now I can reply back to you guys & you can choose to receive emails about any follow up responses. I hope this is helpful! Feel free to leave any other suggestions to below.

Parisian Inspired Outfit | Someone Like You

Parisian Inspired Outfit | Someone Like You
I also truly considered about whether I want this blog to remain Someone Like You. I was only 16 when I created it, and obviously so much has changed since then. My original inspiration behind the name was from my favorite book by Sarah Dessen, but now years later the blog name seems slightly ill-fitting for the woman I am today. If I were to change my name, it would definitely be to Passing Whimsies, which is what I'm known on other places of the internet. I feel like this pseudonym is more 'me,' but I am still unsure if I could ever truly depart from Someone Like You. I plan to keep it for now and if it still feels out of place in the future, perhaps I'll look into re-branding.

Parisian Inspired Outfit | Someone Like You

Parisian Inspired Outfit | Someone Like You Finally, I'm really excited to start sharing some more in-depth content that will be helpful for YOU guys! In the past, a large portion of my blog has simply been sharing my OOTDs & writing my thoughts along with them. Although this is my favorite type of post to do & something I want to continue, I'm looking to branch out and push myself to do more topical posts that I find myself interested in. Aside from fashion, I love thrifting, interior decorating, plants, coffee shops, Brooklyn, and so many other things. I want to really highlight what I know of these things, and learn more about them from you guys in the process too! So if you've made it this far down the post (pretty impressive!), please do share any posts you'd be interested in seeing from me. I have some ideas, but I am always open to hearing more!

Can't explain how wonderful it feels to sit down this evening and type to you guys like this again. What a warm welcome home.

With much love,


outfit details: dress vintage bcbg | woven basket purse thrifted | chiffon scarf thrifted | tan beret American Apparel | tan sandals F21



Neeti M H said...

I am one of your veryyy silent readers haha. I mena I have been following your blog since 2013-14 I guess but hardly made any comments. I truly loved your blog and I have read it right from the beginning! I thought you weren't coming back since you have so many followers already on Insta and the connection and reaction over there is instant. But, I am sooo happy you 're back here. I will continue reading it like a loyal fan lol. And, best of luck to you for all your future endeavours. You're one strong willed, determined young lady. What an inspiration!

Kezzie said...

Oooh, this is so nice to read more Lauren!! I always liked your blog for its writing where you got to know the real Lauren!! I look forward to reading more! I love this dress, so pretty and cool!!x

Michaela Lawrence said...

Lauren, I have been a follower of yours for years! Probably since I was a junior or senior in highschool, I stumbled upon your blog and at the time you were in college. I fell in love with the vintage fashion you are so passionate about and loved the open conversation found in the way you write. I have enjoyed seeing your transition to NYC from a small town. I have a dear friend who lived in Brooklyn last summer and she had a similar experience. I am so glad to see your return to this platform and will be praying for you as you are figuring out next steps!

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