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Friday, November 11, 2016

Rainy Day Attire.

Rainy Day Attire | Someone Like You
Rainy Day Attire | Someone Like You

Rainy Day Attire
Rainy Day Attire | Someone Like You
Plaid Button Down (similar) | H&M
Black Fit and Flare Skirt (super similar for $35) | Thrifted
Red Rain Boots (similar from JCP) | Walmart
Beanie (similar under $10!) | c/o OASAP (old)

Rainy days are my favorite. Growing up in Ohio, sometimes it would rain for weeks on end with not a hint of sunshine in sight. It was easy to be convinced that I lived in some well-known rainy place like London or Seattle, but no: just good old Ohio. Fickle and problematic weather since 1803. Since moving to New York City, the rainy days have been few and far between which makes my heart ache for my favorite comforting days back home. When rain is in the forecast for the week, all of my coworkers groan but I secretly give a little inner cheer. It's a time for warm drinks under colorful umbrellas. Splashing in puddles while briskly walking towards a destination, or sitting inside to watch the steady downpour. When talking rainy day comfort, it's impossible not to touch on rainy day attire. It can come in many forms. A laid back effortlessness in a chunky knit cardigan, thick leggings, knee high socks, and rain slickers. A sophisticated city-chic with a neutral trench coat, protective turtleneck, black slacks, and a chelsea boots. I wanted to make this outfit a combination of the two styles: fashion forward, but also comfy and utilitarian as well. I loved this day and I loved this outfit. Already planning outfits for the next rainy day New York blesses me with...

With much love,




Moonstyle said...

nice :)


a.n.g. said...

So cute! Rainy days are the best. :)

Kay said...

Totally with you on rainy days, and snowy ones too. Still in Ohio, we've had a few epic rains. Just love this time of year. Going walking in the leaves with a friend tomorrow. Great outfit, as usual! Boots are too cute. :)

Vicki said...

Love this outfit! Rainy days are my favorites as well...I love the excuse to stay inside with candles, tea, sweaters, and blankets. :) And there's something so pretty about gray skies.

Basically Beautiful

Hannah said...

A very elegant and classy look for the rainy holidays ... Simply beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

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Rinetuat said...

Lovely pics! I hope you had a great time in such a beautiful city! You will like to see more fun from here.

Anonymous said...

when are u comming back???

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