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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Skeleton Girl.

Skeleton Girl Costume | Someone Like YouSkeleton Girl | Someone Like You
Skeleton Sweater | Someone Like You
Skeleton Halloween Costume | Someone Like You
DIY Skeleton Costume Girl | Someone Like You
Outfit to Wear on Halloween | Someone Like You
Skeleton Girl | Someone Like You
Skeleton Sweatshirt | H&M
Collared Blouse | Forever21.
Black Skirt | Thrifted
Heels | Payless
Skeleton Hair Clips | H&M
Silver Metal Belt | Thrifted

Hello everyone & Happy Novemeber!

I'm a little late in sharing my Halloween look this year, but I've been SO sick the last week or so. It was my first time being sick away from home without family to take care of me, and it was difficult to say the least. Just knowing someone is there to help is such a huge comfort when you're feeling poorly, so not having that didn't make getting better any easier. I was very sick on Halloween, but I did wear this themed outfit the day of (the pictures were taken the day before!). In the past I've gotten very into Halloween. I love dressing up and coming up with unique DIY costume ideas. Since I'm not in school any longer and don't "go-out" I didn't feel like dressing up in full costume was necessary this year. I still wanted to get in the spooky spirit of the holiday though, so I picked up this skeleton sweatshirt and hair clips at H&M. It was the perfect little twist to wear on Halloween to still participate. Tbh, I only wore the outfit for a few hours though before I was so miserably sick I had to go home from work early, ha.

Blogging has been difficult for me to get around to doing lately. Not in the way because I'm busy, but just that I lack motivation. In the nearly 7 years I've been at it, I log fewer and fewer entries every year. I find that instead of looking forward to getting home and writing a post like I did in high school, I feel annoyed that I can't just be at home and relax how I please without feeling guilty. It's a hard pill to swallow that blogging is not as big of a passion for me as it once was. I got together with a friend and reader last week and she told me she really doesn't read blogs any more, but still reads mine. I asked her why she continued to read mine and she said because I'm real and honest: that's what keeps her coming back. I appreciated her saying that so much, but for me I don't even feel that my writing is of substance any more on here. I used to talk very candidly on my blog about a lot of things. Over the years whether it's been because I've grown up or just become more private, but that candid aspect of the blog has dwindled. I think it's still there...but not as strong and not as free. In a way I feel like I'm unable to talk that freely now because I have responsibilities and I'm not a teenager any longer...on the other hand, I don't feel the need to speak so freely any more. For a very long time I used this space as a way to get my voice heard when I was unhappy, angry, or frustrated. Now that I'm not that angsty any more...there's no reason to rant and rave. I still get angry and upset: yes. But I have a much more controlled way of dealing with those feelings now.

I want to continue blogging because there are still aspects to it that I really enjoy. I have such a back log of photos on this computer because I've still been taking them multiple times a week. I enjoy and love doing that still. It's the editing, the coding, the meaningless writing, promoting, ect ect ect that gets me down and makes me think "this isn't so fun anymore."" I'm not sure what the future of this blog is. I'm coming up on 7 years of blogging on the 11th of November, and truthfully I wasn't sure I would last this long. I think I'll always be making content on the internet in one form or another. Whether that's posting on here, or perhaps moving to a simplier platform like Instagram. I don't know. It's a hard future to predict and not one that I want an answer to right now. I just want to continue doing what feels right until it doesn't feel right any longer.

Love you all.

With much love,




Kezzie said...

I've always enjoyed reading your blog. It is always a nice surprise to see you have posted. I do like posting still but I don't feel like I HAVE to do it every day etc!
The outfit is really sweet

Anonymous said...

Dear Lauren,

I check new posts on your blog almost every single day at least for 5 years and I have never commented before. I think it's because English is not my native language and I am too bashful to share anything online :D but I think this post deserves a comment.

Reading of your blog is like reading an interesting story for me. I loved to read about your school-time, thrift shopping or adventures in Ohio, Europe and New York, now. I learned a lot of interesting information about your country and places that I have never visited (but I would love to someday). And also, your inspirational outfits have a big influence on my personal style.

I think a lot of bloggers write posts only to promote their sponsors and describe they are living their whole life in sunshine. It seems to me that they want to prove that their life is better than life of other people. But you're not like them. You're not ashamed to talk about your problems or happiness and write it with elegance. I have always perceived your candid talking as a part of modest girl who have both feet on the ground. I think you have a gift for writing and sharing goodness among people.

I am very thankful for every post you wrote and will be happy if I can read this blog in future.

I wish you all of the best and hope you are not sick anymore :)
P.S.: Your outfit is super chic, as always :)

With love,

Anonymous said...

My dear Lauren, the comment above from Adriana says it all! -- At the same time, posts can be written on Instagram ;) ... We love you too much to see you go away! TY for your honesty, so that any change is not as abrupt as when "Young House Love" did it, for example.

I sincerely hope you are feeling better now!

Looking 4ward to the boyfriend reveal, too!

W/ love,

Hannah said...


I started reading your blog ages ago... I think it was still when you were in highschool. I used to read and follow a stack of blogs back then but I only really keep reading yours now, something keeps me coming back, maybe it's the realism that is so refreshing maybe because it reminds me that I'm not the only one who has struggles. I enjoy reading your writing and I do hope you continue.

Enjoy the winter. It's summer down here, and it's the first really hot day today and we're praying for rain (today it's 40 C which I think is about 104 F).

God bless you,

Hannah from Australia

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