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Monday, March 14, 2016

Finding a Perfect Bathing Suit for a Pear Shape ♥

Finding a bathing suit for ANY woman is difficult and my own journey hasn't been any different. Bathing suit shopping is really vulnerable experience. You're putting yourself and your insecurities on display for yourself, but then it prompts you to think about displaying them to others, too.

 I've been a 'pear' shape since high school which means my hips and thighs are quite a bit fuller than my bust. I find that being this shape has caused a lot of problems, especially when it comes to swim suit shopping.

Since my bust is so disproportionate to my bottom half, two piece bathing suits have always worked well for me so I could get different sizes. I used to wear a lot of high-waisted bikinis (here and here)  because they cover my tummy (an insecure spot for me), but I've felt myself outgrowing the style. I ordered a few high-waisted suits from Aerie (I LOVE their body positivity campaigns!) but I found that with my full hips it sort of looks like I'm wearing a diaper a bit? I don't know! Once I had the image in my head I haven't been able to get it out. So, I returned them.

I had went to about every retailer in the region looking for a suit to flatter my body and nothing was pleasing me. I started to get really down about myself! I shouldn't have though because it's the suits that aren't right: not my body. 

I thought about trying a one piece because it would cover my tummy up, however, I was afraid of looking "dumpy." I don't know if you guys have seen the one pieces in stores lately, but they're actually anything but dumpy! There's so many flattering and youthful shapes and styles that inspired me try one last suit before I was going to throw in the towel.

I'd been wanting to try a one piece with a deep v neckline, but was honestly nervous about it being too sexy or not looking right. I crossed my fingers for this ASOS 70's plunge suit to work. When it came in the mail I dreaded trying it on, afraid it would look awful, but I was SO pleased! This is honestly the most flattering suit I've had in years!

(quick mirror photo!)

The high halter neck highlights my shoulders and collar: parts of my body I like. The long cut out in the middle is sexy and shows just a tad bit of skin, making me feel less 'matronly' in a one piece suit. The stripes are super slimming and the the top and bottom meet at the waist band to really cinch my middle. I'm short, as well, but the high cut on the bottoms elongates my legs. There's a surprise in the behind, too: it's backless!

I haven't been excited or confident to wear a bathing suit in years, but now I can hardly wait to wear this to Puerto Rico next week on my spring break. I think the key to finding the perfect suit is just finding one that makes you feel confident! Trying on a million that don't look right can be disheartening, but it takes trying ones you don't feel good about yourself in to appreciate so much more the ones you DO feel good about yourself in.

With much love, Lauren.

P.S. Here's some of my picks of similar suits to mine if you're looking for one, too! :)



Madison said...

Okay Lauren.....this suit is absolutely STUNNING on you! Love everything about it!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing in it! It's super flattering on you.

Bathing suit shopping is definitely daunting and I'm not looking forward to shopping for one now that I've had a baby.

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