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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Little Pink Pep in My Step.

Train stations and tracks have always been a favorite of mine to pose by for outfit photos. There's a lot of old tracks and a few old stations in my home town, so sometimes I would make special trips to go take photos by them. Years later they remain as some of my favorite photos taken: even remembering so distinctly the year and season in which I took them. Makes me so nostalgic! This red dress shoot is an all time favorite of mine. The photos with the train moving behind me is maybe in my top 5 blog photos I'm proud of. At this same station I did a completely different but still very 'me' at the time outfit shoot in a cat dress I got from Modcloth. I remember I was visiting home during my freshman year of college and my whole family put up with stopping at the tracks for me to take these! Finally, back in 2011 I remember taking these train track photos on a cold, cold spring day. I was so proud with how they came out, especially with the vintage suitcase as a prop! 
Here in Kent we actually have an old train station down by the river that has been turned into a restaurant in recent years. I've lived here four years and can't believe I've never taken photos at it! Possibly because it's in the middle of a busy street downtown where the thought frequent passerbys daunts me, but it was too beautiful of a day and my time here is running out. I felt it was worth a shot! 

And I'm pleased I did! I've found that I've become lazier over the years and tend to just find the most convenient, quick spot to take outfit photos. Things get dull quickly when you do it that way. Sometimes it's so refreshing and inspiring to get out and discover a new place to complement your outfit. 

I am OBSESSED with these new flats I received from Loly in the Sky! I'm a huge fan of their shoes and own two other pairs, and but I pretty much want alllll my shoes to be from them. They are incredibly comfy, vegan, ethically made and a unlike any other shoes I've seen in the market. Dying for these "Beach Please" flats...is it too late to order them for my trip to Puerto Rico...? x

With much love, Lauren.

Outfit Details:
Polka Dot Pinafore: Forever21.
White Blouse: Thrifted.
Lip Flats (soon to be released, but view the S/S 2016 collection!): c/o Loly in the Sky.


Carmel Elizabeth said...

I really enjoyed looking through this shoot! The lip flats are TOO COOL. <3

Ruby Sterland said...

Love your shoes! The best way to brighten an outfit and your day. The train station looks so cool too - your town is lovely x

Ruby - www.totalmodisch.blogspot.co.uk

Kezzie said...

I always loved your train shoots! That red one is one I will always remember. This one is really pretty. I do like white shirts with pinafores. I bought a cute white cat collar shirt which I look forward to teaming with my pinafore dresses.

Damaris // The cat, you and us said...

This outfit is so so cute! Love the pink pop of colour from the flats and the dotted pinafore with a white shirt underneath. I love train stations for photo sessions too! I think they give that nostalgic yet adventurous touch.

Damaris | www.thecatyouandus.com

Anonymous said...

Adorable as always, my dear friend!

Congratulations on all the hard work you have put into a major that very obviously! exhilarates you!!! TY for sharing your senior project w/ us here!

& Blessed Palm Sunday! "Mercy rises at dawn to anoint the body of the dead ... but finds nothing but an empty tomb. ~ Joseph Veneroso

With love,
Jeannee ... Sparkle4Jesus@outlook.com

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