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Friday, February 19, 2016

Everything You Want's a Dream Away.

Plaid Skirt (similar): Thrifted.
Cranberry Pussy Bow Blouse(identical!): Thrifted.
Black Lace Up Boots (similar): H&M (super old).
Camel Beret (similar): AA.

You won't be seeing this wintery scene for much longer in my photos. Lots of sunshine & warm weather is forecasted for the coming weeks and I am h-a-p-p-y. Truthfully, this winter hasn't been terrible in the least bit, but dressing & taking outfit photos is 10 times easier when the weather cooperates. It seems like (and this photo set is proof!) every time I get my tripod out it manages to start snowing while I'm taking photos, then ~magically~ stop as soon as I'm done. Hmm.... -___-

As I've been getting dressed lately I've noticed hardly any of my wardrobe isn't from the thrift store any more. This makes me quite proud! Studying fashion in college inspires me to take steps towards being a more ethical consumer by cutting down on fast fashion and unethically manufactured purchases. I have remnants in my wardrobe left over from when I would shop at Forever21 or receive items from wholesale websites, but really I haven't bought anything from these types of stores in a long while. My wardrobe feels more "me" than ever by having a completely closeted collection of one-of-a-kind thrifted gems that I've hand picked over time. 

With much love, Lauren.



Dear, great photos! :)

a.n.g. said...

I love your skirt! The whole outfit!

I think it's cool that you shop in thrift stores. I've always wanted to do that. But most of the thrift stores where I live seem kind of dirty and. . .sketchy.

Katie Selt said...

Beautiful photos!
It's a warm 63 in Indy right now, and I'm enjoying every moment of it!

Katie | katielikeme.com

Unknown said...

Love the outfit! The blouse and skirt are so beautiful together and I really love how much you thrift! I'm a huge fan of thrifting and love when a whole outfit is thrifted!


Em xx

Unknown said...

Love how magical your photos look! Great outfit!

The Cassie Paige
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Unknown said...

I have been thrifting more now than ever and I hope to purge my closet over Spring Break for a fresh start. I love thrifting and how you can find one of a kind pieces to make your wardrobe all your own :)

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