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Monday, February 22, 2016

Black and White is Timeless.

White Blouse (identical to mine!): Thrifted.
Black Corduroy Jumper (very similar & on sale): Thrifted.
Black Lace Up Boots (similar): Thrifted.
Black Brimmed Hat (identical): c/o OASAP (old). 

 Hello guys!

There's nothing I love more than I good black & white outfit! Somehow black & white always looks put together and never boring. My eye continually on the look out for the perfect white blouse at thrift stores. It must be a good weight, quality fabric, and a flattering shape that lays nicely. Some white blouses are too boxy & stiff: others make you feel like you're a huge, white marshmallow. I was incredibly pleased to snatch this one up at the thrift store last week. I have literally been searching YEARS for something like it. Proof that persistence is the key to finding gems! Have a running list in your head of items you're looking for each time you go thrifting. It makes things a little less daunting. For example: I've been searching for a light-wash denim wrap skirt and a hunter green sweater for a few months now. Although I might not set out specifically for these pieces, I always do a quick flip through their respective sections at the thrift stores just in case. It takes going many times and being thorough to find what you want at the thrift store, but it IS possible! 

Don't think thrift stores are just for classic or retro pieces either. You can actually find a lot of on trend, fashion-forward items. These boots are a great example! People are always shocked I found these edgy, trendy boots that tie at the ankle. Usually what is currently trending is a repeat style from years prior, so it isn't as hard as you think to find modern pieces at a fraction of the price.

I just love thrifting & it has become a true passion and hobby of mine. I hope to be able to inspire others to develop a love for it, too, and pass along any advice I've learned to help you along the way. x

With much love, Lauren.


Katie Selt said...

Super cute as always, Lauren!

Katie | katielikee.com

Alona said...

I love thrifting too! I love going through all the clothes and collecting unique pieces.
This post is so lovely! I'm aboslutely in-love with your style :) x Alona


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