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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's in My Beach Bag With Boohoo!

Block Heeled Sandals (no longer available; here's similar): c/o Boohoo
Beach Bag (strawberry bag, sunglasses, hair scrunchie): c/o Boohoo.
Polka Dot Swimsuit: Thrifted.
Lipsitck in NYX Matte Lipcream 'Antwerp'


If I'm being completely honest, one of the things I was most excited about moving to New York City was the chance to go to the beach! Being from Ohio the beach is not a  common luxury we have unless you count an incredibly sketchy lake? So the thought of a clean beach with salt water greatly excited me!

I went four times this summer to Rockaway and each time was lovelier than the last. The final time I went to Rockaway, I went while my mom was visiting NYC for my birthday and she was able to snap some photos for me (lifelong dream to do beach blog photos). I partnered with the lovely Boohoo.com for their "what's in your beach bag" campaign. They sent me along a bag with some goodies and then of course I have my own beach essentials! I always bring a journal and pen to write because I find the beach just brings such an inner peace in me that has me itching to write. I also always bring a good book; I was in heaven this summer since I was constantly getting a new ones off the freebie table at work! Also, sunscreen is a must for me, as well as, a hair brush for this unruly lions' mane of mine. I like to pack pretty light for the beach: but these are the things I can't leave out! (Also, an iced coffee; can't forget about that one). 

The past few years I've actually enjoyed wearing one pieces more so than two pieces to the beach. I love this polka dot one I thrifted in the spring before I left for NYC. It has the flirtiest little skirt that makes it so unique! Later in the evening for dinner on the boardwalk, I changed into this beautiful tropical dress-- a huge trend I've been wanting to get my hands on. I love the off the shoulder neckline and think it's a way to be sexy but subtly. I can't lie: I wish that summer was longer than three months so I would get the chance to wear this dress longer! 

I'm missing the beach already looking back at these photos from my bed in Ohio as I write this post. There's nothing like the calming crash of the waves on the shore and the feeling of soft, malleable sand underneath your feet.  Birds calling to each other, children's deep belly laughter, and miles of colorful umbrellas as far as your eye can see. It was certainly a memorable summer at Rockaway Beach

With much love, Lauren.


Carmel Elizabeth said...

This shoot is absolutely dreamy! I love the dress & what a wonderful opportunity to partner with Boohoo! :)

Anonymous said...

Girl, you look INCREDIBLE in this dress. So gorgeous, and your swimsuit is amazing!

Mary said...

I was going to use the same word -- "incredible". Seriously, you look nothing less than incredible. You are gorgeous! Also, remember when you mentioned an upcoming date on Instagram (I think it was)? Tell us more about how it went!

Unknown said...

Some of my favorite and comfiest shoes are from Boohoo and I really love these ones! They look perfect with this gorgeous off-the-shoulder dress. You look fantastic!

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