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Monday, January 31, 2022

January Wrap

January somehow always feel like the longest, most confusing month of the year. It's half in that lulled holiday haze of December, but then you're shoved back into reality at 100mph trying to start the year off on the right foot. Throw in seasonal depression and mercury in retrograde and it's always a hell of a ride. 

I'm going to attempt (making no promises here) to write a monthly wrap at the end of each month of just some of my favorite things and favorite moments. Here's January.

What I felt:

My month was separated out half in Ohio, half in NYC. It's always so hard to come back, and I've become accustomed to the emptiness I tend to feel when I leave home. I've been able to develop coping mechanisms to get me through that tough first week. The adjustment wasn't too bad this time around, and I was able to get myself in a good rhythm of routine this month in creating, cooking, exercising, reading, and of course, working.

Despite perhaps my highest productivity yet, I felt very burnt out. When things in my professional or personal life still felt chaotic despite my best attempts at creating beneficial systems to help myself, I felt like giving up. What's the point of trying *so hard* for everything to still be a fucking shit show? 

I'm really working on continuing my productivity (and positivity) systems into February and not giving up. I hope making progress on this will eventually allow me to feel less overwhelmed with my life.

What I was proud of:

I've never, ever been a morning person. But I was finding that starting my days waking up 5 minutes before my first meeting of the day wasn't uhhh, super effective. So, I made an intention to start waking up earlier this month after getting back to NYC and it's been really great! I'm not up at 6 or anything yet, but even waking up at 7:45-8:00ish every day has helped me tremendously in setting my days up for success and getting a moment to myself before I begin the craziness. I attribute going to bed at a decent hour to my ability to get up lol. 

I also made an intention (they're kind of like resolutions, but softer. read more here) to find movement 3x a week. Consistently moving my body the last few months has been a priority that has fallen to the wayside. I've had some issues in the past about being obsessive with my working out, so I wanted to keep the kind of movement open and just find it 3x a week. I've kept my intention and I've been feeling great. A lot of yoga and some sessions back at the gym weight lighting. My ass hurts. 

What I struggled with:

I struggled this month with people's opinions of me online and their criticism. I've gotten to the point where I feel like I can hardly share anything online without being met with a sharp word or unsolicited opinion about what I'm doing. It's left me feeling exhausted and honestly fearful to share anything personal on Instagram or TikTok. Which makes me sad, because I never feel quite like myself sticking to surface level things. It's kind of why I've come back to the blog. I feel like this space is less seen by most people and I can more freely share what's on my mind.

What I wore:

Lots of fun outfits this month, despite it being January! I've been making it an initiative to get dressed every day working from home, and it's been fun to flex my creativity. 

I was inspired by Audrey Hepburn's style a lot this month (probably the pixie cut) and also played around with 70s styles, which is new for me! One of my reads this month, more down below, inspired me to explore 70s looks a bit more. 

I started a new series on TikTok breaking down my outfits, this one casually garnering 190,000 views which is pretty wild. 

What I read:

I finished up Wintering by Katherine May which was a good read on finding rest in retreating during hard times. I think I needed to read something like that for where I am right now, but also a great book I know I'll come back to. 

I also finished 50 Years of Fashion by Valerie Steele which I've had on my bookshelf for years at home ad never read. I forgot how much I enjoyed reading and learning about historical fashion and it really lit a spark within me to continue cultivating my knowledge in this passion! 

What I watched:

Fun fact about me: I love trashy TV. At the end of the day, I don't have much of the mental capacity to concentrate on a show, so I enjoy watching mindless things that make me chuckle.

Hype House was about the TikTok content house full of 20-year olds that I actually really enjoyed and found fascinating, although a lot of other's didn't enjoy it. I work in social media so I think there's some personal interest there for me.

Other trash I really enjoyed: Too Hot Too Handle Season 3. The show is absolute ridiculous but somehow I still fall in love with the characters and their development every time.

For movies, I watched Girl Interrupted for the first time (holy FUCK Angelina!!!) and re-watched Chocolat. Definitely on an old-movie kick right now. 

What I ate:

Fixed a lot of salmon. Up until last year, I'd never had it but it's really been my go-to, easy weeknight meal I've been fixing at least 2x a week. 

It felt so good to get back to the NYC food scene and all the amazing restaurants here. 

Olea continues to be a favorite of mine - I got braised short rib special and mulled wine.

Tried Miriam for the first time! Chicken Snitzel was A+++.

Visited my old stomping grounds of Stonefruit Espresso and remembered why it used to be my absolute favorite. The apple chai bundt was to die for.

What I listened to:

Podcast wise I started listening to The Mindset Mentor. Really loved this episode on 'What to do Every Morning' and 'Are You Making Your Life Harder?'

Been on a Del Water Gap kick something bad. Would love to see him in concert in 2022. 

Wanting to get into records (have been for awhile....) and currently shopping around for my first turnstyle. Will let you guys know when I pull the trigger on one!

What I bought:

Biggest purchases this month were items at the Manhattan Vintage Show ! I like to go once a year to drool over every thing and sometimes purchase. This time around felt a little different. Usually I'll talk myself out of items I love: "It's too expensive! You have no where to wear it!" This is really hard for me. Sometimes I think I don't deserve them or it feels frivolous, but the reality is I never buy 'new' clothes aside from thrifting, and even if I did, I probably would pay close to the same amount as these vintage pieces....so why not? You can see what I got here.

Cheers to February!

With much love,


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