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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Youtube Favorites.

//A lovely, quirky soul who is possibly the most excellent thrifter I've ever seen. A beautiful soul inside and out that not only shares her thrift hauls, but her struggles with anxiety, meditation techniques, and vegan lifestyle. Also, her teal blue hair always gives me major envy!//

Videos to Watch:  
ANY of her thrift hauls

//A naturally gorgeous gal with the most soothing, gentle voice known to man. I always enjoy watching her videos before bed with a cup of tea. She's my total girl crush: style wise, beauty wise, and lifestyle wise. Madelynn posts an array of artfully put together videos of natural looking beauty looks, fun DIYs, and ootds of her killer style//

Videos to Watch:

// Many of you probably already watch Estee-the hilarious Canadian gal living in London with her boyfriend and adorable pup Reggie (who I am equally as obsessed with). This girl will have you rolling on the floor laughing at her stories and little quips, but not to mention she offers up such a breadth of advice and knowledge in her videos. She's a girl after my own heart with a love of lipstick, and I'm always trying to take tips from her natural makeup looks. Her vlogs of her daily life in England are hilarious and interesting, and not to mention I'm loving her #healthybutton series on her fitness journey as I am on one as well! There's nothing I don't like about the lovely Essie Button//

Videos to Watch:

//I've followed Coury's blog Fancy Treehouse for quite a few years now, and was thrilled to pieces when she started a youtube channel recently to document her every day adventures with her darling daughter Goldie. Ever since Goldie was born, I have dubbed her most darling little girl of all time. Seeing her in photos was one thing...but on camera she is the biggest little ham and cutest little thing. I love her obsession with princesses and the little mermaid, and her little toddler world is just the dreamiest-- making you want to be a kid again, too. Goldie is seriously a little light; watching her will brighten up any of your days//

Videos to Watch:

What are some of your guy's favorite youtube channels? I'd LOVE to hear them!

With much love, Lauren.


Sophie said...

I'm about to watch Anastasjia's homeware haul. Can't wait! Essiebutton is the only one on your lil' list that I watch so I'm going to have to check out your other recommendations.

I'm loving Carrie Hope Fletcher's videos at the moment. She's a British girl, about our age I think and she's playing Eponine on the West End. She also loves books and tea and she just seems really lovely.

S x

Kezzie said...

To be honest, I don't watch ANY youtubers! I maybe should give it a try but since I don't have a TV anyway, I've got out the habit of watching anything! I use it alot in school though!x

RT said...

I think it would be perfectly lovely if YOU added more videos to your YouTube! I really enjoyed watching the ones you do have, and would absolutely love to see more! I feel like it is such a wonderful way to get to know you better! :)

Anonymous said...

I only really watch Blimey Cow and Good Mythical Morning on YouTube. I just recently started a channel (editing the second vid this week). youtube.com/user/thejusticepirate if interested.
I didn't know Fancy Tree House even had a channel though I've followed her blog and her instagram for a few years.
Thanks for letting me know so I could subscribe!

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