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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Loly in the Sky ☁☀

Ruffle Dress: Modcloth.
Stone Necklace: Forever21.
Wide Brim Hat: Brandy Melville.
Lipstick in MAC's Craving.

Hello everyone!

I bet you all along with my self thought I was never going to get outside to take photos again! Ah, but today was the long awaited day to feel the sunshine on my skin and finally go without a coat. I was in the happiest of moods! x

Another little thing that makes me so, so happy are these darling flats from Loly in the Sky. I've admired the brand for so long ever since first seeing their 'hello sunshine' flats a few years ago. They've got all sorts of cheeky phrases on their adorable flats from 'yay cake' to 'RIP diet' to simply 'oh.' What I didn't know though before they contacted me and offered to send me a pair (which I was giddy over), but they're amazing background story! 

Since coming back from Italy and Europe, a focus of mine has been on buying more ethically made goods rather than fast fashion. I learned so much about what it means to be sustainable in the fashion world, and really wanted to implement its practices into my own wadrobe. That means taking my business towards transparent, honest companies. Purchasing ethically made goods that have craft and skill in them and provide fair trade jobs. Thinking before I purchase about how much I'll wear the piece and if it's a staple or a 'throw away' item. Things like that! I've thrifted all the pieces I've bought so far this year, and these shoes are the first piece I've actually gotten from a brand. I want to only focus on brands I personally support/would honestly buy from and Loly is certainly one of those!

The shoes are handmade in vegan upper by artisans in Mexico which is amazing. You can just tell the quality and uniqueness in the shoes by looking at the craftmanship-- each shoe is special. I love that Loly is not only a small business, but it focuses on this craft aspect rather than industrialized manufacturing. I think that's so unique and rare now a days! The flats are ridiculously comfy, with natural materials built in for breath-ability, and I've been parading around in them all week since I got them. Carefully avoiding puddles though so as not to spoil them!

I really can't recommend this brand of shoes to you all enough. Check out their adorable selection and see if anything catches your fancy-- I know I have my eye on quite a few pairs for the future! x

With much love, Lauren.


Anonymous said...

That dress is so beautiful, and so flattering! What an enchanting color.

Sophie said...

The back story behind those shoes is so cool! You look gorgeous - such a pretty dress!

Story Of A Girl

Samantha said...

Great outfit - that dress looks darling on you!

Kezzie said...

I always love you wearing that dress- it has such a flapper vibe! Great you got some ethical shoes.x

Danielle said...

I adore this dress on you! Such a pretty color! I find it so interesting in reading your journey on working with brands in knowing how the items that you wear are created. I find it so important!

Ruby Sterland said...

Love that dress! And I'm most likely very behind with the times but I've just noticed that you changed your hair! It looks amazing Lauren. x


Romina said...

Hi Lauren, what a beautiful dress you are wearing in the pictures! Love the lavender color and the ruffles =)

I have also recently made a personal pledge to only buy ethical/sustainable/vintage/thrifted clothes. It's quite a difficult task but I'm slowly learning that there are so many more online ethical shopping sites with stylish clothes that I had thought! Anyway, I have also started an ethical fashion blog, it is written in spanish, but I wanted to invite you to take a look! Anyway, thank you for feautering Loly in the sky, I will look into the brand and see if I can add them to my list of ethical stores =)

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