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Thursday, November 6, 2014

London Part IV.

Hello everyone!

Wrapping up London here :) Not only did Kezzie take me to all of the best monuments around London, but we also did some superb shopping, as well! As I said in a previous post, I had been trying to find a Superdrug the whole week to get my hand on some lines I wanted. We found a great one on Oxford Street that had all the things I wanted; so I got the makeup pouch from Zoella's line and 'Picnic in the Park' lipgloss from Tanya Burr's line! Also, I got some liquid to matte lip creams from MUA that are really nice, and a blush from L'oreal Paris that I used to love but was discontinued in the US. I was quite the happy girl after all those purchases. Oh, and then Kezzie had me try some of the 'Smarties' in the above photo. Had never heard of them, but they are sort of like an M&M? They weren't too bad!

We walked into Primark for a bit just so I could see and it was quite overwhelming! Wow, so much stuff everywhere. It obviously reminded me a lot of a Forever21, but in a sense it felt more like a department store to me. I don't know, it was a strange feeling, but I was too overwhelmed to shop (and running out of time) but would love to go again someday! 

My favorite area of the shopping district was probably the Selfridges windows though. I always hear British people raving about Selfridges and now I understand why. I didn't get to go inside, but the outside windows were enough to send me over the edge. They were immaculate--the most beautiful visual merchandising I've ever seen! They had a series of maybe 10 windows going down the block and each was based off of a different fairy tale, but showing the merchandise for sale in a creative way. There was a Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, Golden Goose, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, Hansel and Gretel... So charming and creative! The photos I took of them didn't turn out super well because of the reflection, but it was just one of those things I'll never forget seeing in person.

Finally, perhaps the high light of the day...British tea! I've never been a super big tea drinker, but in the last year or so at college I've gotten into it a bit by having some in the evenings on occasion. We went to a tea parlor though and sat down for tea and it was honestly such a cool experience; much difference than fixing tea in a microwave in your dorm room, ha! I ordered mint tea, and it came out in this giant iron tea pot with sugar and cream you could put in yourself. I got an apple cinnamon muffin which was a perfect pairing, and it was just so nice to sip delicious tea and chat with a dear blogging friend who I feel like I've always known... what an afternoon!

Anddd, that was London! Such a good trip and makes me nostalgic writing all these posts about it. I have three more big places to travel to: Barcelona, Dublin, and Vienna/Budapest. Be on my case about posting better for those trips! x

With much love, Lauren.


Karen said...

DUBLIN! I'm so excited, I live in Dublin! Any idea what you're going to see when you get here?

Ruby Sterland said...

I love Selfridges, so beautiful especially now we're getting closer to Christmas. And yep, Primark is great but the Oxford Circus store is craaazy! Glad to see you had a great time in London Lauren x


Anonymous said...

Lauren, I´m so happy that you are going to Vienna! It is so close to me (I´m from Slovakia) :-) And Vienna is very beautiful city, and Budapest too, I like both so much. So, nice trip to you! :-)


Kezzie said...

HA, I knew you weren't so enamoured by the Smarties the way you took ages to eat them! I scoffed mine in a second! Glad you enjoyed it and great photos,I like the tea-leaves. Sorry about the wonky shot at Big Ben though! CBC is always telling me off about not lining up perpendicular lines in photos!
I WISH we had had time for actual afternoon tea- it's an experience. Aaah well!You'll just have to come back!x

Eccentric Owl said...

I'm so glad you had fun in London! It looks really amazing, and how awesome that you got to meet up with another blogger while you were there! And those sparkly shoes in the window... oh... I want those!

Nevena Krstic said...

You're so so pretty! And I love your style and your photos :) I hope you had a great time in London :)

Unknown said...

Love all your London sights - and ty for introducing me to Kezzie, too!

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