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Monday, September 22, 2014

La Tour Eiffel.

 1950's dress from a vintage shop in Florence.
Flats from H&M.

The Eiffel Tower is simply so beautiful I wanted to dedicate a whole post to it and the pictures pictures I took. Most were taken on the first day I was out and about, and the first time I saw it through the trees walking towards the river I could help but feel like a giddy little girl.

We took a boat ride along the river and saw the city and the Eiffel tower stands tall and pretty up from all of it. It's almost like it casts this spell on you and you simply cannot stop taking photos because it's just so beautiful and entrancing...I looked through all my photos and most are just of it, ha.

That evening we walked up underneath it and got to look at it up close. I never thought it would be so...big? It's absolutely huge! We timed it perfect because it was nearly sunset and we saw her light up at 8'olock, and then the first ten minutes of every hour she sparkles and glitters. I got to sit on the green in front of the Eiffel and just admire her, but it almost didn't even seem real to tell you the truth and it was hard to feel understand what I was actually looking at. From a young age we're fed all these images of the Eiffel and it's almost like we become desensitized to it and then when you see the real thing, you can't believe it or grasp truly what you're seeing because it doesn't seem like you could finally be seeing this IN PERSON. Despite my slight desinsitivity towards it while gazing, I thought it such a special and spectacular moment that I'll remember forever! x

With much love, Lauren.


Chelsea Emily Davies said...

Lovely dress and post. The tower looks so pretty all lit up doesn't it? Glad I wasn't the only one in awe over her size!xo


Kezzie said...

Did you go up it? I was FREEZING when CBC and I went up. Most of our photos include me looking very wet and grumpy with bright red nose. It rained all the time we queued and I had soggy feet.I did get a great shot of the tower lit up in fog but wish I had pretty shots like these. Your dress is Ahrgh, sensational! I've wanted a rainbow check dress for aaages! X

Anonymous said...

Your dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGH!!!!! It's sooooo amazing! It's like sherbert!~Bekah

Kryn said...

ahhh! Brings back so many memories!! Paris looks good on you!

Hannah Barta said...

Firstly, your dress is beaaauuuutiful. Secondly, I really want to visit the Eiffel Tower someday--ah, hopefully soon :)

dance a real

Unknown said...

How tremendously blessed u r - and with a new and very beautiful dress to go along with it!!! TY for sharing this with all of us!

Unknown said...

I have been to Paris twice and I think each time I was in aw of the Eiffel Tower. She truly is a majestic beauty. I think its something everyone has to see at least once in her life. I imagine if I lived in Paris I would become desensitized to it but not seeing on fleeting week long vacations to France, its too gorgeous for that.

Alexandra Marie said...

Ahh!! You must be so excited! Living the dream, my dear! Alex


Sara said...

Beyond jealous!!! The Eiffel Tower is such a beautiful experience. And what a perfectly adorable dress! Thank you for sharing!!!


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