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Monday, September 15, 2014

Almafi Coast: Capri.

Hello everyone!

Last night I got home from a three day trip to the Almafi coast: Sorrento, Capri, Positano, and Pompeii! We had a hostel in Sorrento and the first day went to the island of Capri; here's the photos from it!

It was actually my least favorite day of the three. Don't get me wrong, Capri is BEAUTIFUL, but I just found Positano to be even more so and the day was kind of ridden with a lot of anxieties for me. Capri is an island so we had to go by boat to get there and the last time I was on a boat was about 12 years ago and I remember feeling wicked sea sick. I didn't throw up, but ever since then I've been really scared about having that awful feeling again, and with my OCD about throwing up it doesn't make it that much better. So when I found out we were going on a boat I kind of freaked out and had a panic attack, but obviously had to do it because I needed to get there. I knocked myself out with Dramamine and actually slept and was relieved to think the worst was over...then as soon as we got off the boat we got right back on another smaller speed boat to do a tour around the island. I freaked out and was so scared because it was the type of boat I had been on last time and felt sick, and I was so worried someone else might get sick, too. So I kind of spent the whole ride around the island just praying, my eyes closed, and ready to get off, ha. Thankfully no one got sick (although multiple people almost did) and I didn't get sick either. I don't even get motion sickness, but my OCD tricks me into thinking I am/will and it's just a nightmare of panic. It kind of set the mood for the whole day of me being weary, but I did end up enjoying myself for the most part on the beautiful beach and having lunch at a cafe just above it. Ah, my favorite part was laying on a rock just out where the tide comes in and suntanning, and falling asleep to the sound of the waves. It was lovely

With much love, Lauren.


Anonymous said...

Lauren, I have spent two long trips in Italy and enjoyed it thoroughly but how is it that not one of the photos I took can hold a candle to yours? You can relax completely about school and career because whatever happens, you can throw it all away and become a professional photographer. (You already are one, just not getting paid for it.) Congratulations!

Unknown said...

That sounds horrible. I actually have a fear of boats also ( I have no idea how I did a cruise like three years ago). Especially with smaller boats, I also get seasick. Ah well at least those views seem worth it! I also wish I could afford that lipstick high heel, its gorgeous.

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