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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Palm of Your Hand.

Orange Dress: Modcloth.
Navy Poncho: Thrifted.
Cream Infinity Scarf: Target.
Ruffle Loafers: c/o Pink and Pepper.

10 Things:

1. Going home tomorrow. I'm excited to see my cat. Catch up on my shows. Go thrifting in my favorite places. So, so excited to go back home (and I never thought I'd be saying that).
2. Staying up until 4 AM. Lauren procrastinates. Lauren has visuals project due. Lauren stays up until 4 in the morning doing visuals project. Despite being deathly tired, the peace and beauty at that time of night was something I hadn't experienced before.
3. New Taylor Swift songs. I've had I Almost Do, Begin Again, and Sad Beautiful Tragic on constant repeat this entire week. They are like listening to pages of my diary come to life.
4. Attending my first bible study. Something that fills me with complete joy. Something I never thought I would like. Something I need.
5. Two cups of coffee in one day. Never been done by me folks and I must say...it needs to happen more often because I was incredibly happy that day.
6. Half Smiles. To the cute boy who smiled at me when I was walking out of psychology yesterday; you made my day and you can call me anytime. But really.
7. New dresses. It felt like an early Christmas to me this week. You can never separate me from my love of dresses. Here's looking at you winter; bring it.
8. Riding the bus. I found, got on, and rode my first public bus last week. Silly for most of you but a big deal for me being a small town lady. Although I will say it was fairly sketchy...don't know if I'll be doing that again any time soon.
9. Hot meals. College food sucks; big time. I got to eat a hot, fresh, juicy Steak N Shake burger though + perfectly crunchy fries + a mega size shake the other day. Best.meal.of.my.life.
10. 91%. On a math exam. Which is unheard of for me...but can I just take a moment to be insanely proud of myself? I don't think this is going to happen again (but I hope it does).

With much love, Lauren.


Katie Burry said...

Sounds fantastic! I'm so glad you're doing so well and are excited to go home! <3

Bridgette Nicole said...

Adorable!! Your outfit is just fabulous for fall!

Mary said...

6. Half Smiles. To the cute boy who smiled at me when I was walking out of psychology yesterday; you made my day and you can call me anytime. But really.

Lauren, YES! Keep us posted!

Rachel said...

Ahh I love your poncho and the colour of it against our dress!
I'm trying to last winter in dresses again this year too, even though people always think you're much colder than in trousers. You just need good tights right?
PS also loving Taylor's new album, she writes what we all feel

Kristian said...

Oh, I love this positive and happy list! Congrats on the math exam and have fun at the bible study!

claire said...

i love your outfit! it looks so warm and fall-ish(?)! and i just got a 91% on my last math test too (which doesn't happen often to me either) yay us! xxx

Et tu, tutu? said...

Sounds lovely. Congrats on the math exam! I stink at math so I'm impressed! :)


overthinker said...

You look amazing as always ! i have sent you the interview for your e - mail ;)


Coco said...

You look super cute dear!I just stumbled across your blog and I'm following you now.Please visit my blog and follow back if you like!kisses Coco

Unknown said...

91%? That is awesome! you should be very proud. :-) I've always been horrible at math! :-) And it has been seriously years since I've had Steak n Shake..but you reminded me how amazing it is! I'll have to go again someday when I'm back in the states!

OrigamiGirl said...

Sounds like an excellent week! And jealous of your steak + shake. I love American milkshakes. You do them properly over there.

Stacey Kay said...

Loving the poncho! I can never get enough of those!

Stacey Kay
Parlor City Vintage

R said...

Hi Lauren!
You are always so cute with your outfits.With us, the trees naked and just waiting for the snow to come and meet them. But in your pictures In your pictures, I can see that the leaves have not yet fallen quite clear from the trees. It is very beautiful!

Anyway, I haven't been in your blog for a quite some time now. How are you Lauren? I hope you are fine, and I hope that you feel comfortable in your new school. Good Luck Lauren. You are a good person :) (Although I don't know you well, I've got a picture of you, and you are a nice person! :)


Unknown said...

lovely outfit.
hope you had a good day at home.
i just love the new TS album it's so good :)

with much love Audrey,
i hope you took a look at my blog, you inspired me to make one of my on.


Teddi said...

lauren, i adore this post! yes, i mean the combination of the words and outfit. :)

Jeannee said...

Beautiful fall OOTD! Nodding in agreement w/ you on Steak and Shake, sketchy busses ;0,Bible studies, coffee, and most especially about being up at that hour of the night - wow! you found out, too!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit! That dress is SO cute!

Jacksonghng said...

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