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Monday, February 7, 2011

Mama's Boy.

Striped Shirt: Given to me by a coworker of my mother's.
Olive Green Jeggings: Target.
Tan Clog Heels: Target.
Leaf Necklace: Forever21.
Flower Fedora: Thrifted.

Hello everyone!

It was quite out of character for me to wear such a masculine and rather boyish looking outfit. My comfort zone is in girly dresses with bows, lace, and frills. Not usually pants, darker colors, and simplicity. I've been going through an experimental and inspirational period right now (which I absolutely love), and so this outfit just sort of came together out of the blue. The most surprising thing is that I actually really like it...

In contrast, I'm going to style this shirt up super girly in the upcoming days. I'm absolutely crazy over pieces that are versatile and can fit into all sorts of different styles and looks!

Hope everyone is doing just lovely!
With much love, Lauren.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Lauren! First of all you always look beyond awesome no matter what you wear. Secondly it's great to stretch out of your comfort zone now and then and dabble and experiment. That's how you learn and grow. I applaud you for trying new looks when the mood strikes!

April said...

Cute outfit! It's really fresh for the middle of winter. ;)

Mary said...

I am LOVING this look on you, lady! It is amazing to me how well you can transform your wardrobe to fit all sorts of definitions and it all works together seamlessly and looks perfectly YOU every single time :) Can't wait to see how else you're styling this shirt!

Peacock's Hat said...

I love this outfit! I like how the hat adds an element of Victoriana, which constrasts nicely with the stripey tee shirt.

Flashes of Style said...

I loove your hat dear! <3

aki! said...

Your bangs are very cute and your shirt looks trippy. I love it!


None said...

It doesn't even look boyish to me, just cute!

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