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Sunday, October 9, 2022

B is for Betty

My grandma was a collector of beautiful things. She loved everything floral, feminine and delicate. We would often take trips together to Carousel Antiques when I was visiting home from New York City. It's a treasure trove of all things old, and we would spend hours looking at all the glass casings, through the bits and bobs. She loved to move slowly, with intention and was always picking up something she was fond of to show me and looking at the bottom to see where it was made.

When she passed in August, we started sorting through her things in preparation to sell the house her and my grandfather lived in for 40+ years. Her jewelry was, of course, sentimental to look through. So many pieces I'd seen her wear for decades felt lost now without her. 

I selected a few of the pieces that meant something to me to keep and wear in her memory. One of those pieces is this brooch. I never saw her wear it and I'm not when she got it, but something about the B for Betty stood out to me. I love its pearl details and the little curve at the start of the B. It perfectly encapsulates all the sweet, feminine things she loved.

The scarf was also a special item I saved from my grandmother, but it actually wasn't hers. I believe it was my great-grandma's. My grandma had kept it tucked in a drawer of her dresser with other old silk scarfs and handkerchiefs from her mother. I never had the chance to meet my great-grandma, but my own would always tell me stories of how sweet and kind she was and that I would have loved her. I wanted a reminder of Nellie to keep with me, too.

This outfit felt special to me with these sentimental pieces woven together with old favorites I've had in my own closet for years. The beret is around 13 years old. I got it at Target when I was a freshman in high school and the tag inside is still stained from when my hair was bright pink. The knee socks I've had for probably around 10 years from when I was in college. I used to wear then allll the time. One actually has a hole in the back, but I can't bear to get rid of them. I'm sure we all have pieces like that!

I wonder if there will be anything my kids or grandkids will keep in my memory someday that reminds them of me. ❤️

With much love,


Outfit Details

60s Emerald Green Cardigan / Thrifted
Velvet Circle Skirt / Thrifted
Gold Chain Belt / Thrifted
Day Heel / Everlane
Liz Claiborne Satchel / Thrifted
Braided Rope Earrings / Gift from my best friend


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