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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall in Ohio.

Fall in Ohio | Someone Like You
Fall in Ohio | Someone Like You
Fall in Ohio | Someone Like You
Fall in Ohio | Someone Like You
Fall in Ohio | Someone Like You
Fall in Ohio | Someone Like You
Fall in Ohio | Someone Like You Fall in Ohio | Someone Like You

Camel Sweater (very similar from Missguided)| Thrifted
Black Jeans (exact pair)| Target
Loafers (similar pair) | Walmart
Blanket Scarf  (similar in style and color)| Forever21

Hello there ♥

These photos are from a few weeks back when I was home in Ohio for a little vacation. It felt so nice to be back. Really it was the first time coming home for any substantial amount of time since I moved to NYC. Things felt very much the same as they always have, and thankfully I found I haven't changed too much yet. I wasn't getting all huffy at slow walkers or longing for the subway over driving a car. It was almost like I'd never moved. It was easy to sink back into simple, mid-western life back home. Although it is so familiar and comforting to me, I know I can't live this way right now. Maybe at some point I'll come back to Ohio permanently and sink back into my old way of life. For now, I know I'm meant to be somewhere else (whether that be here in NYC or maybe even another city) so that I can use these early 20's as a period to really grow. As a senior in college I thought I was a grown up. I thought I was ready for working and living on my own completely. Life kicked me on my ass after graduation though and I was given a huge wake up call. I'm not done learning yet. A long way from it. x

With much love,




Katie Selt said...

The midwest has it's allure, but you don't really realize it until you move away. I've yet to feel the allure--Indiana seems more like a boring prison than the alluring place that people claim it to be--but I can appreciate it.

You look cute as heck!

Katie | Katie Like Me

lauren parker said...

Move to Portland??? :D ;) :D

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Anonymous said...

Horrible ! simply horrible... without any form of elegance... you seem a woman of the romanian countries of the 20s. disgusting !

Anonymous said...

You look lovely! Simple and elegant and chic! Don't let an anonymous coward who is yet to master the correct use of punctuation ruin your feelings about yet another wonderful outfit from you.

Unknown said...

WOW! YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Girl both you and your outfit look AMAZING!
Hope you have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Such lovely pictures! I am grateful you are a real enthusiast for at least two spots in the world ... AND know where you wish to be, too!

With Love,

Julia said...

Yay a fellow Ohioan! I am loving this soft fall look. So nice!


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