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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Monthly Jewelry Subscription: Sparkle Box!

So I love subscription boxes. I've been a member of a few beauty ones (Ipsy and Birchbox) and have looked into countless others for everything from clothes to monthly coffee. I'd never heard of a jewelry subscription box though and was very intrigued to find one! To be honest, I'm really picky about the jewelry I wear... You all see me wear probably the same pearl earrings, necklace, and simple chain necklaces all the time (good luck to my future husband on finding me jewelry). So, I kind of never thought a jewelery subscription box would work for someone like me. 

This subscription box though called Sparkle Box is JUST what I've been looking for. It's like the ladies behind it read my mind and knew exactly what I wanted! Every month Sparkle Box delivers you a box of 2-3 pieces based on your jewelery style. Like I said, I'm really picky with my jewelery choices, so I was thrilled to see they had a 'subtle style' category featuring delicate and elegant pieces. 

They have the perfect category for everyone's style: Boho Beauty, On Trend, Handmade/Quirky, Surprise Me (for the experimenter!), or even a box called Sparkle Girl for younger girls. Here's what I got in my box!

 Long Pendent Crystal Necklace: This is JUST what I've been searching for. I've fallen in love with crystals worked into jewelery and found some really pretty ones at a market here in NYC last weekend. But didn't buy...and regretted it. So receiving this necklace was the perfect surprise. Very pleased it's on trend while still being understated.

Peace Sign Earrings: I wish I had my ears pierced! I've worn clips for years so it was kind of a bummer to recieve these in the box because I can't use them at all. They aren't 100% my style though anyways, but I think they'll be perfect for a friend I have in mind to gift to.

Delicate Triangle Necklace: Like the long pendent, this necklace is a definite winner for me. I've been into geometric looking jewelery so again, this hit the nail on the head. It's very delicate and adds just the right amount of 'extra something' to my outfits without overdoing it. I'm wearing it right now actually! 

Over all I am very satisfied with this subscription box and want to look into signing up in the future when I come into more money, ha. It's $19 a month which is a great deal when you think about how much pieces of jewelery cost now a days. Check out Sparkle Box's site and look around at what jewelery style you might match with (I'd love to try quirky/handmade next!). Thank you gal's at Sparkle Box for this awesome opportunity to review your lovely service. x

With much love, Lauren.


Anonymous said...

Getting your ears pierced is fast, easy and almost painless: you should go for it, isn't it?

Imaginary Confetti Club said...

I have my ears pierced, but hardly ever wear earrings. They get in the way a lot. That crystal necklace is my favorite. That would look so pretty with so many outfits!

Unknown said...

I love the crystal necklace.

Unknown said...

I love the crystal necklace.

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