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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Welcome to New York.

Hi everyone!!

Well, this midwest girl made it to the greatest city in the United States: NYC. My family and I arrived Tuesday morning and they were able to spend three days with me touring around and exploring. We got to see every area on the island + Brooklyn and I am amazed how NYC can be so many things wrapped up into one place. So many different feelings, vibes, and cultures mixed into one. It's quite amazing and unlike anything I've experienced before.

Sadly, my family had to leave yesterday evening back for Ohio. I will miss them terribly this summer, but I know that if I could do four months out of the country, I can definitely do three months just a few states away. Today I explored by myself and got to try a famed Melt grilled cheese and it was quite amazing as raved about! I found where I'll be staying at FIT (currently I'm in temp. housing until the dorms clear out). I also did the subway trip from where I'll be staying to where I'll be working which is the last photo above: The Hearst Tower. It's an amazing and huge building I am both parts excited and nervous to enter come Monday morning!

Right now I am sitting in my little room listening to my first NYC rain outside amidst the sirens and honking. It's a funny mixture. My familiar, comforting sound of rain mixed with this unfamiliar chaos I've never been introduced to living in suburban Ohio. I am surprised about my first feelings of coming to NYC. Where I thought would be fear, dislike, and uncertainty I don't find any of that...I find a surprisingly overwhelming amount of confidence...sense of belonging...and excitement for the things to come. New York makes you feel like you can do anything and be anybody you want. The main reason I almost didn't take this internship was because I wasn't sure I could handle New York. I've tended to shy away from big cities in the past, and I thought the chaos and insanity of this place would be far too much for me to handle.

I feel instead a sense of peace that this city will bring me many great things this summer. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders to leave all of the sadness surrounding my breakup back home, and to a new chapter of my life where I don't worry about seeing reminders of the past. It's now a step into the future. And one I am so happy and grateful to be making.

New York, I love ya already. x

With much love, Lauren.


The Eyre Effect said...

I hope New York is all that you hope it will be! I so wish I could visit someday to see if it's every bit as fascinating and busy and beautiful as bloggers make it look. I love the pictures you've captured! And I am so glad you feel peace being there. It's a fresh start just for you! The best of luck, I can't wait to see where this takes you!

Unknown said...

It's soo beautiful this city! Hope to be back there sooner or later!
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Cory said...

I agree … NYC is an empowering place. Living there for at least a period of time is something I'd recommend to anyone who has the desire, in one way or another, to do so. There's so much going on that if you have the will to make things happen, something of value will come out of it.

Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

Yay! Beautiful pictures, and I'm so excited for you in this adventure!

Vicki said...

These pictures make me long to visit New York. It'll definitely have to happen one of these days. :)
Hope everything goes well for you in your new adventure!

Vicki Grace

Sara said...

I thought I would be overwhelmed when I went to Chicago too, but it's just like worry drops away amidst the honking taxis and soaring skyscrapers! NYC sounds like a lot of fun waiting to happen. Good luck!


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